We use research labs accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service for asbestos analyses (UKAS). ACMs found during one of the most recent asbestos survey will be managed in conformity with the requirements. Asbestos marking and safe asbestos control could be among the guidelines. Once those suggestions have been established,Read More →

Our company is dedicated to safely and expeditiously expelling asbestos-containing components such as floor tiles, asbestos vehicle parking temporary shelter and roofs, flue pipelines, water tanks, solid concrete panels, and other asbestos-containing components. Thanks to the guidance of our properly qualified professionals, we are willing to accomplish all checking andRead More →

To continue assessing ACMs discovered during the appraisal, assessment surveys should be followed up with re-inspections every 12 months. The asbestos registration can be kept in this manner. ACMs discovered during the survey must be added to the asbestos enrolment on a yearly basis to ensure their safe leadership. SurveysRead More →

To prevent asbestos fibre damage, asbestos roof removal and replacement must be done under strict guidelines. Roof tiles or cement sheets are removed with care and placed in heavy-gauge plastic exterior sheathing sacks. Following that, we seal them in skips and transfer them to authorised dumpsites.Read More →

The negative effects of mobile phone radiation on the body, especially on the brain, have been known for some time. But a new study shows that constant exposure to this radiation leads to an increase in the amount of calcium in brain cells, which is one of the leading causesRead More →

To slow down brain aging, increasing the proportion of foods containing omega-3 fatty acids is necessary. These are found in oily fish – salmon, mackerel, herring and tuna, writes inoSMI, citing Eat This, Not That. Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent memory impairment. The peak of human memory capacity is inRead More →